Our Story

Karishma Sarees was crafted with a simple yet profound mission: to offer women authentic, comfortable, and elegant cotton wear. Born from a passion for weaving tradition and innovation into our fabric, we’ve morphed into a beloved brand, valued by countless customers. From our roots in India’s heartland to the closets of discerning individuals, our story is a testament to crafting timeless pieces that reflect the beauty of genuine cotton craftsmanship.

With Innovation, No Compromise on Quality and Value for Money as our core values, we are driven by an unwavering desire to lead the way. Innovation lies at the heart of our brand;be it in our vision  ary designs or new developments in cotton textile.Especially in the South, our name is linked to superior quality in this category, and many know us as Karishma Cotton.

From the start of the workweek to its end, whether you’re dressing for a puja or a shopping adventure, whether it’s to escape the heat or enjoy the air conditioned comforts of home – our heartfelt mission is for every woman in every town and city across states to savour the beauty and comfort woven into our 100% pure cotton sarees, renowned Karishma Sarees.

Our Saree Saga

Founded over 40 years ago, Bharat Vastralaya primarily had its roots in the cut piece trading business. In 1984,Bharat Vastralaya and Karishma Sarees entered the wholesale sector manufacturing 100% pure cotton sarees and suits. Over the years, as a leading manufacturer, we have become a national household brand that today stands synonymous with cotton sarees and suits – Karishma Sarees & Suits. Fully committed to our tagline, “Cotton Kaho Ya Karishma”, we pride ourselves on our vision of providing high quality 100 percent pure cotton sarees and salwar suits. We firmly do not believe in mixing cotton plus any synthetic material. 

Our mission is to strive for continuous creative development of traditional and fancy cotton sarees and suits ensuring that we are always ready to offer a new, exclusive and a vast range with every season. 

Our brand USP is highest quality 100% pure cotton fabric with innovative designs and fabrics at a value for money price range. The combination of a high quality product at a reasonable price is not provided by any other player in the mass cotton wear market. Competitors find it hard to match our consistent design creativity and fabric innovations. Our distribution channel is manufacturer – dealer/distributor – retailer – end consumer. We have 75+ dealers and through them a network of 15000+ retailers. Boutique owners and home-based women entrepreneurs also buy and sell our products, mainly in South India. 

Being a legacy family business, we are fortunate to have a long standing team that has grown with the business and contributed immensely. Our company and physical store is headquartered in Mumbai. Our production and distribution offices are located in Rajkot, Gujarat where we carry out our custom manufacturing processes. Our team has immense experience as they have been with us for 10-30 years. 

Website: https://karishmasareesandsuits.com/


Karishma joined the business with a goal to establish and manage the marketing department, to maximise all- India channel relationships, to build domestic markets and to introduce professional management practices in accounting, IT, operations and human resources. Under her leadership, the semi wholesale business has grown multifold and a culture change has boosted employee morale and productivity. Her goal is to continue building a customer oriented organisation and grow the brand with an omni channel presence especially the ecommerce division. 


Having a creative mindset, Pooja continuously researches design trends and fashion across different regions of the country and accordingly curates all our designer sarees and beautiful dresses for women. She helps the team roll out several new catalogues every month in different designs and unique colors. With her sharp interest and experience in the advertising industry, she works passionately on all creative communication. She also helps in designing and developing all the marketing collaterals and the extensive catalogue range we have today. 


Manas is a seasoned professional with expertise in creative design and content creation across diverse mediums, ranging from catalogues and videos to reels, collaterals, social media content and more! His role extends from conceptualizing to overseeing the production of marketing materials, managing branding or gifting initiatives, and conducting brand research. He has a superior understanding of technology, He excels in merging innovation with creativity and spearheads these aspects for the ecommerce division.


Aditi has deep understanding of e-commerce operations and specialises in managing and growing brands in the digital online space with websites as well as marketplaces. She brings in expertise in developing and implementing e-commerce strategies, operations, fulfilment & logistics, managing online channels, optimising website performances, analysing customer data and consumer behaviour, and driving online revenue growth.

Why Karishma Sarees?

At Karishma Sarees, we take pride in being your one-stop destination for all your cotton saree needs. Our extensive collection features regional specialties such as ikat, bandhej, handloom, batik, and abstract prints, all conveniently available under one roof. This diversity simplifies your shopping experience, making it easy to find the perfect saree that suits your style.

What sets us apart is our commitment to Purposeful Purchasing. We understand that a woman’s life is multifaceted, with various occasions and needs. That’s why we’ve categorized our sarees to match every facet of your life:

A. Daily Wear: For those everyday moments, from chores at home to running errands, our comfortable, soft, and low-maintenance sarees have you covered.

B. Dressy Wear: When it’s time to socialize, whether it’s a trip to the mall, a movie night, or lunch with friends, we offer a range of stylish options.